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K2 Groundscrews
Offical Parner of Radix

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No More Digging

Grow your business with ground screws, the most efficient, low-carbon foundation

system for garden rooms, offices and studios.

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Make More Projects Possible

Our Groundscrews and Installation equipment can go where traditional foundations cannot, making hard to access or delicate access easy.

Groundscrews are capible of providing a strong level foundation base without the excavation and labour which is disruptive , costly and timely.

A typicle installation is carried out in one day by our specilist installers using bespoke equipments that until recentantly was only availble to commercial installs due to size, new technology is here, invest in the future, groundscrews is the future, concrete at last has an affordable competitor without all the mess.

Picture: Bespoke Hub on 4no 1500mm & 20no 1200mm Radix Groundscrews

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